5 Years at the Warehouse

We’ve now been based at the historic canal warehouse in Coventry for 5 years, and as such we thought it was about time we documented our progress through the building. We’re now on our fourth and fifth studios and at the point where we feel settled for the long term.

2011 – 2012

In 2011 we moved into studio 20, as part of a graduate scheme with Coventry University. Here we shared hotdesk space with other graduates who were working freelance in various creative endeavours and industries. We had an interesting mix of borrowed and inherited furniture, which meant that the place looked like an extension of student halls.


Photo: The original studio 20.

2012 – 2013

A year down the line, and we took residence in the adjoining studio 21, but this time renting it as official tenants of the building. Still with a distinct low budget vibe, we continued to develop our business and skills. We acquired our own vinyl cutter and got creative with our internal signage. Who doesn’t love stickers?


Photo: Studio 21. The first space we had with an actual window.

2014 – 2015

Another year or so down the line, we had the opportunity of swapping offices with another tenant who needed more space – and luckily we needed less space due to paring off from the graduate startup and venturing out on our own. Here we were still on the basement level, but now had a partitioned space which meant we had separate meeting and work spaces for the first time.


Photos: Studio 22. Separate meeting and work spaces.

Again, this suited us for a good few months until another studio became available upstairs on the first floor. This was an opportunity we had to take, as now we were looking to the future and to grow our team, we needed space to expand into.

2015 – present

However, the move upstairs meant that we then lost our separate meeting space, which became an invaluable asset during our time in studio 22.

So, we worked out of studio 12 for a good few months into 2015, and once again, we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to acquire a small studio at canal level to use as our meeting and planning space. It goes without saying that we took this opportunity, and this remains our setup at present, and the place we feel settled for the long term.


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