A Recipe for Success

We recently launched a new website for Cotton & Crumbs to update their online presence and boost their ecommerce functionality.

Built on Shopify

The site was build from the ground up as a bespoke Shopify theme, for full control over design, but using Shopify’s back-end for stock control, orders, invoicing, and everything you’d expect from an ecommerce platform. Also with their secure hosting, you can accept credit and debit cards directly through the site without using any third party payment gateways.

It is a fact that over 50% of purchases on Shopify are on now made mobile platforms.

It is a fact that over 50% of purchases on Shopify are on now made mobile platforms. Also Google now demotes non-responsive mobile-unfriendly sites. So it was important that the build had to perform well and be fully accessible mobile devices. This wasn’t a problem as all our builds are now developed with this in mind and all are mobile-first and mobile-friendly.

A successful transition

Previously the store was build on WordPress and using a Paypal payment gateway, however there are always limitations to using WordPress for ecommerce purposes. In our experience we’d only advise this for small startups and stores with only one or two product offerings.

The new store is now performing well and all of their products sell out in no time at all. The traffic and content delivery is handled with Shopify’s CDN (content delivery network), which is a good thing for a company with such a strong customer base, loyal following, and almost 90k Facebook likes.

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