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Earlier this year, after seeing our Instagram account, we were approached by Computer Arts production editor to be featured in the ‘My Space‘ spread for issue #289, an interview about our workspace and what inspires our creativity…

Creative Channels

Web developer and co-director Jason Nye on the perks of doing design work so close to history

We’re lucky in that our studio is located within the historic grade II listed canal warehouse at Coventry Canal Basin. We’ve been here since 2011, when we first entered the warehouse as a group of freelancers, in what was then an incubation space provided by Coventry University.

Since then, we’ve been residents in a number of studios based in this location and we’ve continued to grow, having shared our workspaces with illustrators, designers and developers who we inevitably end up collaborating with. It’s only natural due to the nature of this type of working environment.

Working in the warehouse drives creativity in a number of ways. Being nestled amongst other independent art and design studios, we’re able to gain inspiration from the people we’re working alongside and the work their doing, also gleaning different perspectives and discussion around our own projects. It being a historic building full of interesting things also proves to be a really good environment for boosting creativity, and has certainly defined our identity as a company. It’s a drastic change to our last studio, which was on the basement level and didn’t have any windows!

We’ve been in our current studio for about three years. In that time we’ve added some personality to the space, continuing to upgrade our equipment and make a home from home for our studio dog, Ruby (1). She’s our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who can mostly be found asleep in the studio, except for whenever someone opens the biscuit jar. She’s great for beating a creative block by taking a quick screen break to give her some well-deserved fuss.

The office is no stranger to bric-a-brac, and if you frequent our Instagram feed quite regularly you’ve probably seen Bob Ross (2) popping up a lot. He keeps us motivated and ensures we don’t make mistakes; we just have happy accidents.

Of course, no studio would be complete without books (3). Ours help us out when we need a little extra inspiration for a branding project, or when we have a javascript problem to solve.

When it comes to meetings, this upcycled scaffolding table (4), made for
us by my brother, is still a popular talking point at client meetings four years on.

Finally, we picked up a cheap vinyl cutter (5) a long time ago just for fun, and we still use it for producing decals and signage in-house, and random little stickers just for fun. It’s good to get away from the screen and work with tactile materials. Who doesn’t love stickers?

Jason Nye