Doing Business With G Suite (and 20% discount on us!)

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As a company, we’ve been using Gmail as our email client for a number of years, and have found it to be a very solid platform, with a number of great features included. Due to the nature of being cloud based, you can access your mail anyway, and easily on-the-go via the Gmail mobile app. A few personal favourites I’ve listed below:

  • Custom inbox labels – Mail is managed via my custom ‘action’, ‘awaiting feedback’, ‘reference’, and ‘follow up’ labels.
  • Delayed sending – An adjustable 10 second delay means that you can easily ‘undo’ an email briefly after sending it, if you’ve forgotten to include something or spotted a mistake.
  • Canned responses – Mail which is repeatedly sent, e.g. invoice reminders, can be saved for quickly using again without copying and pasting old messages.
  • Aliases – Additional addresses can be created with mail dropping into the same inbox, and the ability to also send using the alias address. Good for things like general enquiries / accounts / etc.


Sheets is basically Google’s cloud based version of Excel. We use this program for the majority of the business admin tasks such as balance sheets and task lists. Multiple users can edit the same file at the same time, with live updates being seen by all who have it open in their browser. Handy!


As above, and again, basically Google’s cloud based version of MS Word. Great for meeting notes and general word processing.


Pretty self explanatory – for things like annual leave, project scheduling, meetings and all the usual stuff.

Drive Storage

Each basic G Suite user comes with 30GB storage space for you to store documents to be accessible from wherever you are. Another great feature if you’re someone who regularly works on-the-go.

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