Emma the Intern

Emma Wade joins the team as our Intern.

Tell us a bit about why you wanted to become a Graphic Designer… what areas most interest you?

I’ve always had an imagination that just runs wild. Because of this I guess I just fell into becoming a creative. I actually got into graphic design work because my mother’s workplace needed a campaign ad, and asked me just out of knowledge I took commission on my artwork. This was the first design based project I’d ever worked on – not just a doodle – and I’ve loved it since then! I’ve always took my work very seriously and I felt like design would the place for me to do just that as your work directly impacts businesses, life choices and essentially the future in a load of different aspects. On quite the opposite scale, I don’t tend to take myself seriously – at all – I find the workplace amongst other designers a chill environment that allows you to be really comfortable in sharing ideas, feedback, and of course jokes and cookies too.

On the subject of what interests me most, I specifically love editorial design. Whilst being at Twentytwo I’ve had the opportunity to work on digital assets, artworking, illustration & the first ever time I’ve tried out branding, which is coming to a very close joint first.

You’re starting your second year at university in September, How are you finding student life?

Fab. I go to an arts university so everyone I mix with is artsy – Giving me a tonne of opportunities working with other courses, most commonly film production for Poster Artwork. I thought the year flew by way too quick though. I wanted to keep learning more and keeping myself busy, which is essentially why I contacted Twentytwo, which I definitely don’t regret as I’m going back way more confident with my work!

What have you learned so far from being at Twentytwo, and what do you hope to improve on moving forward?

The amount I’ve learnt is definitely more than I thought I would. The guys here have given me such a great opportunity by sharing their skills and knowledge with me and effectively helping me improve the quality of work I produce, by teaching me attention to detail and learning how to use my time more effectively whilst working as well as helping me with confidence within illustration projects.

I’ve noticed since being at Twentytwo that being able to work on web development projects is a great asset you can present to your team. I strive to be as helpful as possible to the team so I’m currently learning html & css to get myself on the route to understanding how to get involved in dev the work!

Give us a sentence that sums you up…

I’m a chatterbox, consisting of 70% chocolate milk and 30% odd facts.

Say hi… t. 02476 952201 e. studio@twentytwo.digital

Jason Nye