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Get Proppin’

Get Proppin’

Three steps on how to propagate (most) houseplants at home!

Step 1: Find a plant with Nodes

Nodes are these little bumps on the stem circled below. These allow the plant to produce a new leaf from each of these points, meaning once you cut below them – roots can grow once placed in water and you can grow this little plant into a big one.

Step 2: Snip!

When taking a cutting, the more nodes you have the higher chance of a successful propagation. Here we’ve gone for a safe option of multiple nodes, meaning we also have a few leaves to our cutting (Usually one node = one leaf).

Step 3: Pot it up!

Grab any type of glass and fill it up with water so that the waterline covers the nodes, you’ll want to make sure the water line stays above this point until it forms a strong root system (when roots reach at least 5cm long). Place your propagation in a bright room and you’ll have lots of extra plants in no time!

Happy Propping!