Introducing Lucy, Our Resident Spreadsheet Queen

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into Project Management

After six years of working in accounts and admin I knew I was ready for a new challenge. Management is something that always fascinated me. I am passionate about working with people and creating an environment in which individuals and teams can reach their full potential. I talked about my skills and possible opportunities with a friend. My love for spreadsheets and organising things only exacerbated the realisation that project management was the perfect role for me.

What’s your experience of Twentytwo and the digital industry been like so far?

It’s been amazing. Starting a new job, working from home in this current climate was quite nerve-racking but the whole team has been so lovely and welcoming. Working from Zoom has definitely helped to get me set up and communicate with the team throughout. I have loved being able to get stuck in speaking with clients and managing their projects. I am looking forward to everyone working back at the office and excited to meet everyone in person.

What have you learnt so far from being at Twentytwo, and what do you hope to improve on moving forward? 

I feel that in this short time I have already learnt so much. Project management is essentially the practise of turning ideas into reality. Working in Twentytwo I have been able to follow a few projects from start to finish witnessing the brief become reality. Going forward I would like to find ways to broaden my knowledge within design and understand the lingo.

Give us a sentence that sums you up… 

My favourite place is a cold day snuggled up with the kids watching a film with a bar of milk chocolate in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.

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