“It’s a fresh and energetic studio which keeps my brain stimulated.”

What’s your experience of Twentytwo and the design industry been like so far?

I get to flex my brain muscles everyday! 

Have you ever watched Groundhog Day? Love the film (and Bill Murray), but imagine having a job where everyday is the same? My job as a graphic designer, not so.

In the main, working at Twentytwo, everyday brings new challenges, problems to solve and projects to get my creative teeth into. There’s no shortage of coffee and biscuits too so I’m at home.  It’s a fresh and energetic studio which keeps my brain stimulated.

What have you learned so far from being at Twentytwo, and what do you hope to improve on moving forward?

I haven’t stopped learning. Coming from an in-house design background most of my experience is in print. Here at Twentytwo I’ve been involved in creating motion graphics, design for web and digital marketing which I feel I have taken to well. I’ve been given opportunities to design exciting concepts and explore new software.

I’m producing work which I’m proud of and happy to show off, this gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Give us a sentence that sums you up…

I’m an energetic, food-fanatic, 4ft 10 inches tall, with a love for Afrobeats!

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