Make the Most of Your Portfolio| Beef Up Your Brand

We’re back with another blog series: Beef Up Your Brand. In this series, we’ll be giving you an insight into the world of Graphic Design and Visual Communications!

We thought to put together a bit of advice from us to you, whether you’re a recent graduate job hunting, or a business looking to up your game, here’s our tips & tricks to make the most of your portfolio:

Collect your best pieces 

Always make sure you use the best quality visuals you have, or re-shoot/re-export your work! Low quality images = low quality work.

Think about your audience 

Ask yourself – who are you trying to appeal to? Does your work directly relate to them? If not, set yourself a brief and make a few pieces which will attract your ideal client! 

Find your field 

It sounds obvious, but it’s a common mistake… Make sure any print work is actually printed! This’ll also show that you know print specs. Likewise, make a showreel for any motion work you might want to showcase. 

Compose creatively

Think outside the box, have fun with your composition!

Top tip – this is a really great way to showcase editorial and general design skills and really stand out (make the most of it!)

Have fun! 

If you’re bored by your portfolio, the client will be too. Make sure you’re excited and interested by your own work, and that your prospective clients can see your excitement! 

Sneaky self promo, take a peek at our showreel below for some inspo

Good Luck!

Looking to refine your portfolio and make it stand out from the rest? Get in touch today to explore how we can beef up your brand!

Emma Wade

Graphic Designer