Meet Steve – "it’s good to watch others shine with their work" - TwentyTwo Digital
Meet Steve – “it’s good to watch others shine with their work”

Meet Steve – “it’s good to watch others shine with their work”

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into project management?

I bring over 15 years of experience in hospitality, specialising as a cocktail mixologist and bar supervisor. My journey led me to travel and work in Australia, where I immersed myself in various roles, sustaining personal growth and improving my skills. Stepping outside my comfort zone was initially challenging, but it ultimately shaped me into the person I am today.

Transitioning into the web design industry marked a recent shift in my career path. Every day in this field presents new learning opportunities, ensuring that I stay engaged and continuously evolving.

Outside of work, I am passionate about fitness. Whether it’s hitting the gym, engaging in boxing, playing football, or embarking on long hikes, I thrive on staying active. Family time holds great importance to me, and I cherish every moment spent with my loved ones.

What’s your experience of Twentytwo and the digital industry so far?

I’m currently in my fifth month at Twentytwo Digital, working as a project manager. While this role is new to me, I’m grateful for the incredible support and guidance from the Twentytwo team. They’ve been instrumental in helping me navigate this new position, encouraging an environment where I can continuously grow, learn, and develop new skills.

What have you learnt so far from being at Twentytwo, and what do you hope to improve on moving forward?

I have learnt so much already. I feel I have learnt new skills which will help with work and in everyday life. One thing I like about this industry is that you are always learning something new. The team here is brilliant and it has that close knit family feel atmosphere, everyone has each other’s back and it’s good to watch others shine with their work.

Moving forward, I’ll want to keep learning and progressing my skills so I can help in other areas of the company.

Give us a sentence that sums you up…

A fitness enthusiast with a passion for football and a great work ethic that drives me forward.