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Meet Taylor – he loves to waffle!

Meet Taylor – he loves to waffle!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into working in social media?

I started out in social media when I started my Podcast (The Waffle Shop Podcast), I’m very lucky that my hobby has now turned into my career.

What’s your experience of Twentytwo and the digital industry so far? 

My experience of Twentytwo so far is ridiculously good. I’ve been welcomed with open arms and I’m able to meet so many new people with masses of knowledge. I’m very new to the creative industry and what’s been the biggest eye opener is just how fast paced the industry is – as soon as you’ve learnt something new and implemented it, it’s time to move onto the next thing. I love being busy though so it’s perfect!

What have you learnt so far from being at Twentytwo, and what do you hope to improve on moving forward?

I’ve learnt a lot in my very short time with Twentytwo so far. The biggest thing is that “no idea is a stupid idea”. In my past job roles, I used to be a bit scared to share my ideas. Twentytwo have given me the confidence to share my ideas and use my voice more. Going forward, I hope to implement my ideas and not just voice them. I’m slowly learning how to build strategies, put projects and plans into place. I’m really looking forward to learning more and bringing my experience and skills, with Podcasting, to the team.

Give us a sentence that sums you up…

I always try to find the positive in every situation. I’m a big believer in taking the lesson from situations rather than losses. I think this comes in handy in the digital marketing world!