Mental Health Awareness Week - TwentyTwo Digital
Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and here at Twentytwo we do our best to keep mental health a priority for our employees. Ruby helps a lot with this when we’re all in the office – she’s always around for a cuddle or a play break!

We checked in with the team to see how working remotely has impacted their mental health, and how they’re looking after themselves in this new normal!

How has working remotely impacted your work/life balance?

Jo: Working remotely made us realise that we can work from anywhere and everything still runs smoothly. This realisation made us move back to my hometown, where we’re closer to both families. This has been a huge benefit, especially with our young daughter. When we’re able to, we’ll be in the studio as I think the buzz of the workplace with colleagues is important too.

Callum: I find it much easier to balance the two as it cuts the time that I’d normally be commuting for additional free time. Having improved flexibility of where and when I’m working also greatly enhances my work / life balance.

Lee: I’m not one for remote working so to be totally honest the life balance is non-existant! I struggle to switch off from work when I’m at home which definitely raises the anxiety – something I have suffered from my whole life, yet learnt to control over the years. one key difference I have noticed is the amount of time I wasted (pre-covid) traveling to meetings and networking events – which now just doesn’t happen as it’s straight from one meeting into another therefore productivity has increased. I can’t wait to be back in the office full time!

Do you regularly practice self care?

Emily: Self care is really important to me, and I try to incorporate it into my daily routine!

Alex: Not as a rule, but I try to get outside every day and do a bit of gardening and cooking. This somewhat helps prevent me from going stir crazy and gives me more time to think and put things in perspective. ‘School of Life’ books and videos also help with that as well. 

Max: Yes, I am someone who always likes to be doing something, and I find being active is a great form of self care. 

How do you practice self care?

Max: I go to the gym most mornings which I feel sets me up for the day and is something I always look forward to, also I find the structure and goal setting is great for my mental wellbeing. Aside from this I enjoy reading, going on bike rides and playing the odd round of golf. 

Lee: Walking the dog, playing golf and renovating the house / garden, but most importantly talking to people about life, worries, anxiety etc…

Jo: I enjoy walking amongst nature and reading, snuggled up in my favourite chair, but I also enjoy a good dance around the kitchen with my favourite songs turned up loud. Both help shake off any stresses!

Emily: I run myself a bubble bath with some candles and stick on an episode of my favourite show.

Jason: I enjoy taking some time out at the gym when possible, and going for walks either at lunchtime or in the evenings through the village to our local park and along the river.

Callum: On the weekdays I go on walks or read a book to get away from my desk. On the weekends I enjoy going on long bike rides in the early mornings and like to play my guitar here and there.

Alex: Getting outside, seeing friends, doing something physical, giving myself space to think, and comedy always helps.