Remote working & Moving Forward

Most of us experienced working from home this year, including the whole team here at Twentytwo. Now that things are slowly returning to somewhat ‘normal’… We thought to ask the team what they think of their remote working experience!

A little breakdown of our team’s preference of Home – Studio ratio

Some of the positives working from home the team have voiced are:

  • Callum Graphic Designer
    “Extra sleep, comfort & being ‘left to it’ has certainly helped in many jobs”
  • Jason Operations Director
    (New dad!) “Spending every day with my daughter so I’ve been able to see all the milestones.”
  • Emma Graphic Designer
    “It’s a nice way to break up the week, the change of scenery is refreshing”
  • Oliver Web Developer
    “When you’ve got to knuckle down and work hard on something it’s easier to zone in without office noise/distractions.”

However, there are some challenges we face too:

  • Yami Graphic Designer
    “Juggling between work looking after a toddler, comes with distractions and tantrums!”
  • Emily Social Media Manager
    “My main challenge is trying not to constantly snack throughout the day!”

With our infrastructure and processes now set up correctly, We think remote and flexible working will definitely be a permanent feature of the way the team works moving forward. Someone could essentially be on a beach somewhere, and as long as they have a laptop and wifi or 4G/5G, it shouldn’t make any difference to workflow. Time zone differences would probably be a bit of an issue though! 😂

Emma Wade

Graphic Designer