Say hello to Max, our newest team member!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into digital marketing? 

My first little taste of digital marketing was discovered when I started at university, studying Sports Management. The course itself was a combination of Business and Sports Science.  I think you can guess which one I decided I liked best, and for this reason I decided to swap uni life for work life, and go all in on digital marketing. I learnt a lot in my first job about different types of digital marketing and how to implement them. It was also a family run business of which I got to see the full process. As a result, this fuelled my interest for business and marketing. This then inspired me to start my own clothing company, where I further honed my skills in paid advertising. 

What’s your experience of TwentyTwo and the digital marketing industry so far? 

My time at Twentytwo Digital has been amazing, everyone has been so welcoming, and supportive throughout my first few weeks here. I may not have met my colleagues in person yet, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. There is a great sense of community even when we are all separated. The great thing about Twentytwo is their great culture – everyone has a voice and it is always listened to. 

What have you learnt so far from being at Twentytwo, and what do you hope to improve on moving forward?

I have already learnt so much since being at Twentytwo in a short time. One of the main things for me has been broadening my range of industries. Most of my experience has been developed with E-commerce stores, so delving into services and bricks and mortar has been really exciting and a new challenge.  This has been a lot of fun, as you really have to get your creative juices going for different industries that may not have a lot of social/ digital presence. 

I’m really looking forward to helping grow the Twentytwo paid marketing arm of the business so that I get to work with more and more interesting businesses and help them with their online strategy. 

Give us a sentence that sums you up… 

I am an energetic sport lover who is always on the go, you may find me on the golf course, cricket pitch or in the gym. 

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