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Web Development

Why hire us?

We hand build our websites from scratch which enables us to really get the most out of the end product. If you have ever used a Wix or Squarespace site, you may have noticed the endless options they give you for every single page or component on the site. Although this may sound like a positive, it really effects the performance of your site which can have a big impact on your SEO ranking. Endless options means endless code and most of this will never be used.

We follow the latest web development technologies and conventions to make sure every site is as up to date as possible. The world wide web is fast moving and constantly growing so staying ahead of these changes enables us to make sure every website is prepared for the future. Although we try our hardest to meet these standards, every website will occasionally need maintenance to keep it inline and secure.

Once your site is built and launched, we can run you through how to use it with CMS training. This will help you to feel comfortable using your site and will allow you to ask any questions you may have. If your site is relatively large, we can offer monthly support to make sure everything is maintained and running smoothly at all times.

Your Outsourced Web Development Team

If you’re a designer who needs someone to bring your projects to life we can offer our development services without the need to go through the whole design and development process as one. Feel free to contact us for a quote and any questions you may have about working with us.

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