Listed: Our studio ethos

Here at Twentytwo Digital, we work (and live by) certain values and ethics. We like to have a fun, relaxed studio but we also like to get our heads down to produce work beyond expectation and also work to be proud of.

We’ve put together a list of these:

01: We consider ourselves to be kind, friendly and caring. Ask our studio dog, Ruby!

02: We believe we’re pretty hard-working

03: We have crate loads of creativity

04: We exercise forward thinking – onwards and upwards!

05: We have a strong bond as a team and with our clients

06: We pride ourselves in creating eye-catching websites and print collateral

07: We’re adaptable and accommodating to various client needs

08: We’ve built, and are continuing to build, a great network of contacts

09: Collaboration on projects is important to us to get best results

10: We can multi-task methodically and prioritise where necessary

11: We embrace our work environment at the Canal Basin as we feel it helps our creative thinking

12: We love to solve a problem by being proactive, pragmatic and enthusiastic

13: We’re swift especially when we need to be

14: We don’t beat around the bush – straight talking is the way forwards (literally…)

15: We like to open up our ingenuity and resourcefulness at any given chance

16: Improving or fully transforming clients visual media for the better gives us a boost

17: Embracing a positive attitude when faced with tricky problems is key

18: We like to be as prepared as possible for future endeavours

19: Patience is a virtue they say, and we think we’ve got it

20: We love to get into the nooks and crannies to exam the detail

21: Strong communication allows the project to run efficiently and smoothly

22: We believe it’s vital look at ideas and projects from different perspectives.

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Jo Nye

Graphic Designer