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Twentytwo’s Digital Digest: January

Twentytwo’s Digital Digest: January

Here at Twentytwo we’re making it easier than ever to keep up with the latest trends, updates, and news within the industry with our monthly Digital Digest!


  1. Facebook have announced some major changes to the way Pages work – most notably, they’re removing Page Likes! This means that users will no longer have the option to Like a page but not Follow it. I can hear all page owners and marketers shouting hooray in the distance! Learn more about the New Page Experience here.
  2. Legendary brewers BrewDog ran a campaign across their social media platforms to offer their venues to help aid the Covid-19 vaccine rollout. It worked, and they’re now in talks with the government to use their bars as vaccine centres. They’re also planning to give every person vaccinated in one of their venues a free limited edition beer – sounds much better than a biscuit if you ask us! Check out BrewDog’s vaccine campaign here.
  3. Wickes have caused a bit of a stir with their new TV ad, which shows a woman curing her ‘housebarrassment’ by buying a new kitchen so she doesn’t have to use a funky Zoom background anymore. The reviews have been mixed – some think it’s an excellent attempt from Wickes to be relatable, timely, and emotive, whereas others feel that Wickes shouldn’t be trying to profit from people’s anxiety about looking professional in a pandemic. What do you think? Watch the new Wickes TV ad here.


  1. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has rebranded to mark a “new era” in their identity. The rebrand has given them a new logo, typeface, and colour-palette, and has been inspired by DNA’s double-helix structure. Fresh off their success in creating a Covid vaccine, Pfizer have rebranded to show their new focus on science and research, stating that they have “become much more than a pharmaceutical company.” Check out Pfizer’s new branding here.
  2. Speaking of rebrands, the CIA have recently undergone a complete overhaul of their visual identity. This comes as another step in the organisation’s efforts to diversify and attract new recruits. Their website now showcases graphics and typefaces you’d expect to see from tech companies, digital agencies, and indie record labels. Trust us – it’s not what you’d expect. Whether this new brand will accomplish what they hope to achieve or not, you can’t deny that it’s a bold move. Take a look at the CIA’s new website here.
  3. Illustrator Jay Cover has designed a set of triangular stamps for the Isle of Man. This is the first triangular set of stamps ever to be issued by Royal Mail, and Cover likens the experience to “being an athlete competing in the Olympic Games.” His design celebrates the Chinese Year of the Ox, depicting as much of the tradition as he could on the tiny format. Check out Jay Cover’s triangular stamps here.


  1. There’s a new image format on the horizon! AVIF hopes to take over from WebP, giving developers the opportunity to keep image sizing as small as possible without compromising on quality. Take a deeper look at AVIF here.
  2. Bootstrap 5 is here! With a new look and feel, Bootstrap 5 promises improved customisation, updated forms, an enhanced grid system, and many more features. Find out more about Bootstrap 5 here.