Twentytwo’s Digital Digest: March

Here at Twentytwo we’re making it easier than ever to keep up with the latest trends, updates, and news within the industry with our monthly Digital Digest! This month it’s all about the world of marketing!

  1. LinkedIn is starting to develop a new program to support its content creators. They recently advertised for a new role, focused on facilitating growth for creators. This likely means that content creators on LinkedIn will soon have increased incentive to post, as well as the potential for advertising opportunities! Read more about LinkedIn’s new program here.
  2. Clubhouse’s rivals are growing! Twitter has launched their audio Spaces, and plan to roll these out to the general public in the coming weeks. Instagram has also started testing live audio Rooms. Will Clubhouse remain on top? Read more about Twitter’s new Spaces feature here.
  3. We’ve been telling all our clients that it’s been on the way for ages, and it’s finally here: Twitter has launched their subscription based service! The new SuperFollow feature takes inspiration from Discord and Patreon, and allows users to subscribe to their favourite creators for a monthly price, earning unique perks in return. Could this be the big new way for creators to earn money? Read more about Twitter’s SuperFollow feature here.
  4. More Twitter news! The platform has started testing a new format for tweets that link to an e-commerce website. This includes a ‘Shop’ button and more product details, making it easier to shop from the platform. Read more about Twitter’s new e-commerce feature here.
  5. Australia’s government has proposed a new news media code that requires platforms to pay publishers for any ‘news content’ that appears on their site. Facebook has very publicly opposed this, banning all news content from the platform in Australia. This meant that overnight all Australian news organisations lost their ability to post content to their Facebook pages, and that Australian residents lost the ability to share links to news articles. Will this help stop the spread of misinformation on Facebook? Read more about Facebook’s Australian news ban here.
  6. Good news! Instagram is currently testing a new ‘Closed Captions’ feature on Stories. This will enable captions to be automatically generated within Stories, making the platform even more accessible.
  7. Burger King has recently come under fire for their ‘Women belong in the kitchen‘ tweet. Although the company intended to turn this common sexist trope into a campaign supporting female chefs (which they did successfully in their print ad – see below), the campaign didn’t work so well as a thread on Twitter. The company has since apologised and deleted the tweets, but the tweet sparked a nearly 9% drop in brand sentiment. Was it worth it? Read more about Burger King’s IWD Campaign here.
  8. If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you’ve probably come across Seth (@dudewithsign). Known for his hilarious and sometimes controversial opinions, Seth recently partnered with The results speak for themselves – another example of a brand nailing influencer marketing.
Seth’s brilliant ad for
Burger King’s International Women’s Day Campaign

Emily Williams

Social Media Manager