Twentytwo’s Digital Digest: November

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Social Media

  1. Companies across the UK have been responding to the November lockdown, with the most notable being Burger King. In a show of true unity, Burger King encouraged their social media followers to eat at their competitors’ restaurants. This would have been completely unheard of in ‘normal’ times, but in these unprecedented and scary times, it was a much needed positive plea for togetherness. Read more about Burger King’s lockdown post here.
  2. LinkedIn have finally brought Stories to the platform! At the moment the function is only available on mobile, but the introduction of Stories is another step in LinkedIn’s shift toward more personal interaction. Read more about LinkedIn’s decision to add Stories here.
  3. LinkedIn have also added events to the ‘My Network’ discovery page, making it easier to discover and register for new events.
  4. Facebook are focusing more and more on groups, adding new topic hashtags to help organise group post and increase search ability within groups. They’ve also expanded their Brand Collab Manager to include public groups, making it easier for advertisers to find groups and easier for groups to monetise. These changes are just the latest in Facebook’s trend of adding more functionality to groups – now is the best time to launch a group!


  1. Google has given Google Analytics a big update recently, with “machine learning at its core.” The update brings better trend monitoring, as well as improvements to tracking allowing Analytics “to adapt to a future with or without cookies or identifiers.” Google are seeing a drop in users’ consenting to cookies (likely as a result of the introduction of GDPR and stricter privacy laws around the world), and are adapting quickly to ensure they keep their core functionality. Read more about the Google Analytics update here.
  2. Google have also updated their Podcast Manager, adding improvements to analytics and tracking.


  1. Norway’s passport has recently undergone a rebrand, and the results are truly striking. The design heavily features natural landscapes, emphasising the sentiment that “nature is more than ‘just beautiful scenery’ to Norwegians.” The passport comes in a variety of bold colours, each of which indicates a different citizenship status (which should make border control a bit easier!), and the passport has UV details throughout, depicting shifts between day and night in the landscape scenes. See the new Norwegian passport design here.
  2. Finally, for a bit of fun, London-based vegan food business the Soulful Food Company are back at it again with another controversial billboard – this time, featuring none other than Donald Trump. The company came under fire recently for their billboard featuring Kim Jong-un in a stereotype of the east Asian accent. The company apologised and removed the billboards, replacing them with this one featuring Mr. Trump.

Emily Williams

Social Media Manager