TwentyTwo’s Digital Digest: October

Here at Twentytwo we’re making it easier than ever to keep up with the latest trends, updates, and news within the industry with our monthly Digital Digest!

Social Media

  1. LinkedIn has announced they are redesigning their user interface to put the community front and centre. The new interface will include a streamlined search, more accessibility options (yes, that means a dark mode is coming!), as well as the addition of a Stories feature similar to Instagram’s or Facebook’s. Read more about the new LinkedIn UI here.
  2. Facebook have created a new Blueprint Certification for Community Managers, which according to Facebook will identify candidates who possess the ability to build, scale, and sustain an online community by utilising community-building strategies and tools which can be applied to non-profits and interest communities. Check out the new Facebook Blueprint Community Managers course here.
  3. Facebook have also announced that their Facebook Pages Manager app will move to the new Facebook Business Suite. This will enable businesses to save time and manage their pages and profiles across both Facebook and Instagram.
  4. In another effort to unify the platforms, Instagram is now allowing people on Facebook to DM Instagram users and vice versa – this is the first step in Facebook’s wider plan to unify messaging across all its platforms (Fb, insta, whatsapp). The announcement has been met with lots of concern for users’ privacy and safety as many people have different personal expressions or identities across apps, and the consequences of allowing cross-platform exploration could prove dangerous depending on the person.
  5. In more positive news, TikTok has announced a ban on ads that promote weight loss and harmful body image. As explained by TikTok, “As a society, weight stigma and body shaming pose both individual and cultural challenges, and we know that the internet, if left unchecked, has the risk of exacerbating such issues. That’s why we’re focused on working to safeguard our community from harmful content and behavior while supporting an inclusive – and body-positive – environment.”
  6. Good news for all you Reels fans out there – Instagram is already making updates to allow longer videos and more editing options. Instagram has added the ability to record videos for 30 seconds (previously the limit was 15 seconds). Instagram has also extended the timer option to 10 seconds and improved the trimming and deleting options to make editing a lot easier.
  7. Finally, some amazing news for our fellow digital marketers! Facebook has announced they will no longer penalise ads with higher than 20% of image text – but still advises advertisers to reduce the amount of text in images as they tend to perform better.

Graphic Design

Typography lovers rejoice! Well-known design company The Foundry has returned with a new name! The Foundry is previously known for creating some of the most well-known typefaces, including Foundry Sans, Foundry Monoline and Foundry Gridnik; and creating corporate typefaces for brands such as NatWest, Yellow Pages, Swiss International Airlines and the World Wildlife Fund. The team have returned at The Foundry Types and have launched with 23 new typeface families. Read more about The Foundry Types here.


Microsoft’s underwater data centre, the ‘Northern Isles’, was retrieved in July after over two years on the sea floor. It contained 864 servers and 27.6 petabytes of disk (roughly equivalent to 27.6 million gigabytes), with enough storage for nearly five million movies, and was as powerful as several thousand high-end consumer PCs. This is the latest development of Microsoft’s Project Natick which began in 2014. The project explores Microsoft’s idea of placing computers under water, and powering them with renewable ocean energy. Read more about Project Natick’s latest development here.

Emily Williams

Social Media Manager