Custom Vinyl Displays, Stickers & Decals

Here at Twentytwo, we now provide in-house vinyl cutting for a range of applications including window graphics, signage, business promotional items and stickers. As well as designing bespoke creations. We also offer a small range of our own stickers that you can buy from our online shop. If you have an idea that would make a good sticker, let us know!

What is vinyl?

Vinyl is an extremely versatile, and cost effective method of creating signage and graphics for application on pretty much any flat smooth surface or media, internal and external. Simple bold design works better than complex applications, though we have achieved some pretty detailed cuts in the past.

Are there any limitations to using vinyl?

There are really only 2 key limitations when producing graphics in vinyl :

  1. Width of machine – Our machine is limited in size therefore the maximum width we can print is 600mm (the length is only limited by the length of the roll). However, it is still possible to create larger format pieces with with multiple strips. Elements can also be rearranged to fit the cutting artboard if the design exceeds the max width.
  2. Small detail – When cutting vinyl artwork it is important to ensure that no details or shapes are smaller than 4-5mm in area. However, we’re happy to test anything out to see what’s possible, as it’s really dependent on the specific design to be cut.

What are the possibilities?

Material – pretty much endless possibilities, from solid colour external signage to internal window frosting and privacy films.

We can order in any colour you require for a bespoke project. We use The Vinyl Corporation to purchase our vinyl and mostly use the Avery 500 range so if they have it, we can stock it. We also open to using client supplied material too.

What can I use Vinyl for?

Vinyl has a wide range of creative uses such as:

• Vehicle graphics
• Promotional stickers / decals (skateboards, bikes, helmets etc..)
• Bespoke window displays
• Interior wall / partition displays
• Branded labels
• Exhibition graphics
• Stencils


Making creative use of internal /external surfaces

See below some examples as to what can be achieved through vinyl design and application. Please note: these images are for illustrative purposes only and are not work carried out by Twentytwo.



Image from Pinterest



Left Image from Pinterest | Right Image from Pinterest



Left Image from Pinterest | Right Image from Pinterest



Left Image from Pinterest | Middle image from Pinterest | Right Image from Pinterest

Need some bespoke vinyl for you or your business?
Window graphics? Signage? Or have your own ideas? We can cut from your supplied vector artwork, or design from scratch. The applications really are endless.

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