Working out and the workplace

There’s been a lot of news and articles recently about the link between exercise and increased productivity in the workplace. Here at Twentytwo, we all take part in regular exercise, mainly because we enjoy it but also because it gives us a chance to clear our minds. The brain and body work as one – a happy body equals a happy brain.

Exercise outside of the workplace, or during lunch breaks, is shown to increase concentration and energy levels which ultimately means better work results. In our case, it helps us along through design, production and management processes. The compound, Serotonin, is released from the brain when you exercise and makes you feel better, helping to manage stress levels and reduce feelings of anxiety.




On Sunday 23rd April, Twentytwo’s Jason completed the Virgin Money London Marathon and raised an amazing £2,045 for Hospice UK, a charity that means a lot to him. He said:

“After doing the Great Birmingham Run half marathon last year, I thought I’d give London a go, in support of Hospice UK which is a charity that has helped my family in the past.

For the past year and a half, I’ve also been a regular gym goer in the mornings before starting work, which I feel boosts my productivity first thing in the morning. I also feel more confident in myself through it, and it means I can eat more biscuits in the office too – bonus.”




Also in April, Twentytwo’s Luke and his girlfriend Chloe did a fantastic job completing the Wolf Run, a muddy 10km obstacle race in aid of Josie’s Dragonfly Trust. Luke said:

“It was a great experience having never done any kind of long distance running before. Despite getting VERY muddy, we both felt a big sense of achievement afterwards knowing that we had done it for an amazing cause. Surprisingly, we would absolutely do it again!

Keeping fit and staying healthy is perfect for our kind of work and definitely helps us to concentrate, be productive and have confidence in starting new projects.”

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