Your brand is far more than just your logo

Why is branding important?

Your company’s branding is its identity. It’s what distinguishes you from your competitors and positions you within your marketplace.

If you branding is outdated, what message does that give your customers? Your brand should be modern, relevant and portray the tone and personality of your company. It should represent who you are as a business.

Much more than just your logo…

Branding isn’t just a logo, it’s everything your business communicates. From the first impression that your business card gives, to your website imagery, typographic style, the tone of voice of your content. Your logo is a big part of your brand, but it’s much more than that. Of course it’s important to have a strong logo or brand mark, but it must be considered in the context of the rest of your businesses visual communication.

So, what’s our process?

When designing a brand, we first consider where it’s going to be applied. Is it primarily an online business? Is the brand going to be used heavily on packaging? How will it work on stationery? What’s the tone of the business and where does it sit amongst competitors?

Not sure where to start? Initially we have a brand questionnaire which helps form a solid project brief by asking the right questions, we then use this to moodboard the proposed design direction, before moving into the first concept design phase.

When designing our concepts, we don’t just present a series of logos on a white page, we show how they would be used in context.

For example with the Richard George brand below, how does the logo sit on packaging, how is photography used, what are the layout conventions for printed adverts and materials, how are colours used, are there multiple logo variants for different applications… We build a fully comprehensive set of elements which form the overall look and feel of the brand.

We work alongside you through feedback and development stages, until the brand is complete and finally launched. We can also produce brand guidelines where required, which sets out the rules of how your brand elements should and should not be treated, so you can be sure of total consistency across any supplier you work with in the future.

Case Study:

A Brand Fit for a Tailor

We recently had the pleasure of working with Richard George Tailoring to relaunch this luxury tailoring brand. We really enjoyed working with Richard on this project and are really pleased with the outcome.

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